Criminal investigation underway after ongoing power grid attack

Here’s a Christmas gift no one wanted—yet another attack on America’s electricity system

“In this incident, the suspect cut a lock in a fenced area, gained access inside and damaged a substation, ultimately resulting in power loss to a large number of residents in the county,” Sgt. Darrien Moss Jr. with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

in washington statethat attack and two others left about 14,000 customers without power.

“All three incidents occurred in the middle of the night on Christmas Day, resulting in a power outage. Nothing was stolen from these facilities, so they are likely related,” Moss continued.

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The attacks, along with Sunday night’s attack at a Puget Sound substation, are the latest in a series of incidents. Politico Reports Highest Number of Attacks on US in 2022 power grid Over a 10-year period, there have been more than 100 physical and cyber attacks on the system through August.

In recent months, Ohio, Oregon and North Carolina. Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Mark Christie said the damage to the substation reflected an escalation in the attack.

“Transformers are on every city block, they’re vulnerable to drunks with guns and attitudes, we have a lot of these incidents. It’s not uncommon,” he said. “One transformer can destroy a block or two. A substation [affects] Tens of thousands of people. ”

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