Cuba and the Castro-communist cultural colonization

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Cuba and the Castro-communist cultural colonization

Hopefully, without hypocrisy, we can pay tribute to Perucho Figueredo and all those who gave their lives for a free Cuba that continues to be colonized

LAS TUNAS, Cuba — This Thursday, when it should remain in mourning, Cuban culture is partying on the island; like a historical clown, maximized by a burlesque mirror, showing us one of its cannibal fangs. Once again, as every year, the decree of the late Fidel Castro appears declaring “National Culture Day” in Cuba on October 20.

The colonization of Cuban culture —understood the conversion of the folklore of a free country into a dependent character, and the submission of a nation to a totalitarian regime— dates from the same year 1959, when Castroism took power. Sometimes covertly and sometimes publicly, the regime violated the freedoms of citizens; but it was not until June 30, 1961 that the then prime minister, Fidel Castro, defined his “cultural policy” at the National Library, telling a group of writers and artists gathered there: “Within the revolution, everything; against the revolution, no rights. And this would not be a law of exception for artists and writers. This is a general principle for all citizens.”

It will take years to investigate, quantify and qualify the damage caused to the Cuban nation by that Castro sentence, which continues to be rigorously enforced to this day.

To understand these crimes against humanity committed by the Castro-communist dictatorship for more than 60 years, it is imperative to know that, from the anthropological point of view, the term “culture” has two meanings:

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