Cuba, cries before the eyes of God

Shortly before the end of the year 2022, I humbly believe that many emotions and memories of unforgettable people and events come over us in one way or another, which have marked our personal and social lives.

Today my thoughts and heart turn again to: The House Cuba, home to more than 11 and a half million brothers, who suffer in silent disappointment, material ruin for more than six long decades and a growing moral, economic, social and institutional setback. Many times I wonder like so many other children of the beloved Antilles Island, how much more can we suffer and endure this situation in which we live? And it echoes inside me, the words of my friend the writer and activist for Human Rights; Janisset Rivero, that in her recent book: Las Cartas a Pedro, in which she reflects this reality very well and I quote: “…it was impossible to dare to improve something without being admonished. A country of hypocrites, of professional pretenders, of mediocre people who only thought of their own benefit and who did not really care what happens to others. Each one busy taking care of their space, not being noticed, solving their problems in any way, even if it was stealing, cheating or doing any iniquity. Everything was allowed, as long as the power of those who controlled everything, absolutely everything, was not questioned, even the breathing of the citizens.

Certainly, these words quoted above may sound very strong and crude, but they are the reality of a people that stumbles and stumbles again and can’t wait to get up from the ground and the dust of the road. What has happened to my country and my people? They have simply turned it into ashes, into the ruins of broken dreams, because there are very few who believe that they are achievable. The same reality demonstrates it with the growing migratory wave of brothers of all ages in search of living in freedom as children of God and in dignity.

Cuba hurts, mijo, an old woman of almost 80 years old who had just gone through the ordeal of the migratory route Havana told me – Nicaraguauntil he turned himself in to the border authorities of Mexico with the US of North America.

“With the pain of the entire Homeland we suffer and for the good of the entire Homeland we build… here we are worth, here we wait, here we anticipate… here we try to attract… for the good of all, the soul that was crumbling in the country.” Jose Marti.

The cruel and profound reality of the children of Cuba weeps before the eyes of God. The cross weighs heavily on our nation, which lives in hopelessness and depression due to a totally anachronistic and repressive system of the Human Rights of its citizens. Those who live in exile, often forced by the authorities, are slandered and discredited as unpatriotic, for the mere fact of defending their national identity, which by the way is more than the ideology of any political party. Those of us in the diaspora have a legitimate right to be a voice for those who do not have one. The children of Casa Cuba must have the vision of an eagle and cunning like the serpent, because many times the devil lurks behind the cross.

We cannot simply stay in the sterile complaint about the impact of the communist system and its anthropological evil caused to the different generations. It is imperative to identify the evils caused by the implementation of a Marxist ideological mono-system for a democratic and participatory proposal in which all Human Rights are respected and the free participation of civil society in the nation’s projects, including children of the diaspora, who also with their efforts contribute to the construction of their nation.

Every healing and restoration process takes its due time and maturity. The Renewal of the Cuba that we dream of will also need it in the time that we are capable of building bridges of effective dialogues and the non-transferable respect to think in freedom and act without hypocrisy.

We cannot always settle for the minimum that some “decision makers” offer us as crumbs of what they suppose we deserve. Enough already, of living in shame submerged. It is time for the clarion of Hope to sound in the hearts of families and in the soul of a renewed nation.

I could not finish without honoring whom honor deserves, at the last party of Our Patron Saint the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre in the Hermitage, located in the City of Miami; Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Florida, pronounced the following words, which in my humble opinion should fill us with great hope and longing for a blessed future and I quote: “To all those who have sacrificed their lives for the good of the Homeland and for the good of all. And how can we forget about the political prisoners, especially those young people who took to the streets last year to demand freedom and demand Patria y Vida. Neither can we forget the many young people who travel through Mexican lands or the seas of the Florida Straits in search of a horizon, who offer them hope. That we lend our voices to those who have no voice. And let us repeat the same Jaculatory, that the mambises prayed: Virgin of Charity, cover us with your mantle. May Ignacio Agramonte’s battle cry be ours. May the Virgin of Charity enlighten us. Yes, cover us with your mantle, so that Cuba is the home of all and for all Cubans. Where justice and freedom coexist, in a climate of serene brotherhood. Yes, Virgin of Charity, enlighten us, so that we walk in the Light of Christ, in the Light of Truth and thus we can get out of these spiritual and material blackouts that want to sink the Cuban people into the seas of despair and mistrust.

Casa Cuba deserves and needs a change to be reborn again. Virgin of Charity Saves Cuba from tears and eagerness