Did the Times move the comics? | letter

laugh till i cry

Losing Candidates Call for Inquiry | Dec 22

To my surprise, The New York Times recently moved some cartoons to the news section, page 2A to be exact. The story about the New York congressman, Rep.-elect George Santos, made me think about the banter between Rat and Pig in the comic strip Pearls Before Swine. Santos apparently fabricated most of his resume. He then dismissed reports that he had fabricated it, but did not deny the allegations. A lawyer representing Santos called the reports a partisan “smear,” but he also did not dispute the apparent lies. When will we reach a level of accountability?

David Rubintampa

more truth please

Why I Can’t Vote for a $1.7 Trillion Spending Spree | Column, Dec. 22

Florida Senator Rick Scott posed as a defender of Florida families against a spending bill passed by Congress on Thursday. With his Fiscal Martin Act, he hopes to distract those with poor memories and ignorance of his history. It’s Florida after all. “Democrats want to hold us hostage by saying we can have billions of dollars of reckless spending and hundreds of pages of aggressive policy,” Scott said. Scott wanted to hit Democrats with the bill, but the Senate 68 Seventeen of the votes in favor of the bill came from Republicans, a third of Scott’s Republican Senate caucus. This person is just allergic to truth and common sense.

steve douglasSt. Petersburg


Why I Can’t Vote for a $1.7 Trillion Spending Spree | Column, Dec. 22

Senator Scott, please spare us your indignant, self righteous willfulness. As Governor of Florida, you are staunchly opposed to expanding Medicaid coverage that would have provided better health care for thousands of Florida children. Yet you strongly support the budget-destroying Trump tax cuts that have greatly benefited the wealthiest Americans while doing nothing for the rest of us. You acknowledge that the current spending bill contains funds for projects such as Florida Everglades restoration, but clearly you are not happy that money is being spent on projects of other legislators constituencies. It seems like just proposing grants for the shows you like — and only those — you’re all in. The hypocrisy is on full display again.

Maury BernsteinSeminole

what’s the difference?

Gov. DeSantis does a good job with turnpike relief | Editorial, Dec. 17

Many Republicans opposed a Democratic-led student loan forgiveness bill that had to be paid for by taxpayers, but now our Republican state leaders are requiring taxpayers to pay certain drivers because they often use toll roads.

Peggy Millard, tampa