DJ Collective Roujeee Tunes Doesn’t Let Ego Get in the Way of Mixing Beats

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DJ Collective Roujeee Tunes Doesn’t Let Ego Get in the Way of Mixing Beats
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DJ Collective Roujeee Tunes Doesn’t Let Ego Get in the Way of Mixing Beats
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DJ Collective Roujeee Tunes Doesn’t Let Ego Get in the Way of Mixing Beats

When talking to Roujeee Tunes, it feels like you’re conversing with old friends. The camaraderie among the three women will come in handy when they make their III Points debut on Saturday, October 22.

With 30 fingers on one mixer at any given time, the straight-and-narrow DJ set becomes a kaleidoscope of tech-house, techno, disco, funk, and anything Phoenix (Alyssa Lamas), Miluhska (Miluhska Cordero), and Zunji (Natacia Zunjic) find dreamy.

“We’ve known each other since middle school,” Cordero tells New Times via Zoom from New York City after wrapping up a set at the venue Make Believe. “I lived in Ecuador and moved back in sixth grade and have known them ever since.”

Roujeee Tunes came together out of spontaneity. At the height of the pandemic, the friends would curate playlists together, and it eventually occurred to them that learning how to DJ felt organic. After a friend lent them some gear, the trio took to the internet with an impromptu livestream.

The music Roujeee Tunes was putting down caught the ears of the booker at ATV Records, where the trio played its first bona fide set last April. What followed were sets at Club Space’s terrace and regular bookings at Floyd, where they most recently opened for LP Giobbi.

“We weren’t meant to be a trio,” Cordero confesses. “That was never the plan. We were curating playlists, and everyone was doing livestreams during the pandemic, and we were all learning to DJ at the same time.”

“The stars aligned,” Zunjic adds.

Save for Swedish House Mafia, DJ trios are rare — and an all-women collective is even rarer.
Roujeee Tunes · Roujeee Tunes @ Floyd Miami 09.18.22 (LIVE) “I don’t think I know an all-girl trio,” Cordero says.

“People are usually shocked, and they love it and go with it,” Zunjic notes.

“I feel like it draws people in when I say, ‘I’m DJ’ing tonight as part of a trio,’ and they go, ‘Oh, really?'” Lamas adds.

“People love the concept behind it, and I feel like we made our own land in the industry very naturally. We didn’t have a blueprint,” Cordero says. “I think the beauty of Roujeee is that we all have very strong personalities. We have our own sound and solo careers, and when they mash together, they bring together a sound that I don’t usually go for when I play alone.”

When it comes to III Points and their set at Hocus Pocus at the end of the month, the crowd can expect a set chock-full of divine and dreamy music. During Roujeee Tunes’ latest set at Floyd, the trio dropped a dub-laced Beyoncé remix, melodic piano tunes, long-drawn-out trumpets, tech-house via Mindshake Records, and the heady percussive beats of DJ Python.

There is no complex order of operations when they get behind the decks. Instead, it’s done like three friends spinning music at their house. If someone plays something the others may not vibe with, they roll with it.

“We lost the rotation because it was literally like, ‘Who played last? No, I have the next song. It’s not your turn,'” Zunjic says.

“I feel like when we started, we were so hungry for each of our spotlight that we made this insane rotation so we would all get our solo time,” Cordero explains. “We stopped caring about that, and now we go back to back, and if one of us needs to go, we cover each other.”

“It brings comfort. We feed off each other’s music. We inspire each other,” Lamas adds.

At III Points, Roujeee Tunes has a chance to play a refined version of its sets without warming up or cooling off a room for the headliner.

“That has been the gig for 2022,” Zunjic says.

“We haven’t spoken about the music we want to play, but we want everyone to dance and have a good time,” Lamas adds.

The women also have their own aspirations outside of Roujeee Tunes. Lamas manages Club Space’s social media, Zunjic works for her family business, and Cordero is a professional musician who will also be performing at III Points as a solo act. Her first single, “Loba,” was recently released via Tigre’s Den.

Ultimately, the women prove that artistic endeavors that spring naturally from friendships shine brightest.

“We’re best friends!” Zunjic says as the three go in for a group hug.

Roujeee Tunes at III Points 2022. 3 p.m. to 4 a.m. Friday, October 21, and Saturday, October 22, at Mana Wynwood, 318 NW 23rd St., Miami; Tickets cost $119 to $499 via