Eiza González arrives with James Marsden at a Christmas party

MIAMI.- Eiza Gonzalez continues to conquer the hearts of Hollywood’s leading men, and on this occasion he surprised many by arriving at the Christmas party of Leonardo Dicaprio accompanied by actor James Marsden.

The arrival of both drew the attention of the press and their followers, who did not hesitate to question whether Marsden is the new love of the Mexican actress.

However, González denied that there is anything more than a friendship between the two. “People have friends,” Eiza commented. Although many continue to follow the track of this closeness between the two.

Eiza González has managed to sneak into Hollywood society, and has dated important figures in the film industry such as Liam Hemsworth, Josh Duhamel, Timothée Chalamet, Calvin Harris and Jason Momoawith whom he had an affair during this 2022.

On the romance with Momoa, the magazine People He pointed out that Eiza González began to have various appointments in search of establishing a much more serious relationship that is outside of labor issues, but rather sentimental, but this would already have ended.

“They are just very different people,” says a person close to them. A second source confided to People in May that Eiza and Momoa had been dating since last February after meeting for work and mutual connections.

Who is Marden?

James Marsden is known for his portrayal of Cyclops in the X-Men saga, and he made his acting debut in 1993 as part of the cast of the series The Nanny, alongside actress Fran Drescher.

In 1998, Marsden jumped to the big screen with the film Disturbing Behavior, next to Katie Holmes; but it was not until the first decade of the 2000s that her face went around the world when she signed with Marvel to join the famous saga of mutant superheroes.

The actor has also been in prominent titles such as Zoolander, The Notebook, Superman returns and the Disney movie enchantedof which the second part has just been released.

Between 2000 and 2001 he was married to Lisa Linde, with whom he had two children, Jack Holden and Mary James.