France opens investigations into suspected spying on Qatar

PARIS.- the justice of France opened three preliminary investigations, one of them after the lawsuit filed by the former president of UEFA, michel platinifollowing revelations in the Sunday Times in November about alleged spying on Tastesaid the prosecutor’s office on Tuesday, confirming information from the newspaper Le Monde.

Platini, a former French soccer star turned sports director, was questioned on January 4 as a witness in one of the investigationsspecified the newspaper and confirmed to AFP a source close to the case.

This investigation, opened in November by “attack on an automated data system” Y “violation of the secrecy of correspondence“It is carried out by a unit specializing in computer crimes, the prosecutor’s office said.

As revealed by the British newspaper Sunday Times, Platini was spied on in May 2019shortly before his provisional arrest (in June of that year) on suspicion of corruption in the process of attribution of the world Cup to Qatar, a case for which, for the moment, he is not charged.}


Former UEFA president Michel Platini was arrested in 2019 for fraud with FIFA

Former UEFA president Michel Platini was arrested in 2019 for fraud with FIFA

AP/Lionel Cironneau

The second investigation was also opened in November following a complaint filed by the French senator Nathalie Gouletwho explained to AFP that he received the phone call from a “gentleman who introduced himself as a researcher, but without identifying himself” and that he knew the password for his Gmail email.

The parliamentarian had linked this hacking to her work on radical Islamism and her votes against the conventions signed by France and Qatar, one of them a security collaboration agreement during the world soccer.

The third investigation was opened as a result of the lawsuit filed by the information site Mediapart and its journalist Yann Philippin, author of several investigations on Qatar.

Mediapart reported that Philippin had been the victim from January 2020 of various scam attempts on the internet through the sending of fraudulent emails.

According to the investigation of the Sunday Times, fifty personalities, including journalists and lawyerswere victims of computer attacks to protect the reputation of Qatar.