Goals for 2023: Celebrities reveal New Year’s resolutions

The 2023 ring is beautiful. Have you got your New Year’s resolution yet? Deco asked who some famous people were! Alex Miranda has this story about how he resolved to do the laundry this week.

For me, no longer caring what people think, and finally paying off the credit card, is obviously putting on the cover of Men’s Fitness magaizne. But for these stars, it’s more like charity.

The new year is almost here, so that means New Year’s resolutions have to be made…

Anna Kendrick: “Want to be more social.”

…this will hopefully pass in January.

Walshy Fire: “Everything I wanted last year, I got it.”

Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire is generally satisfied with last year’s results.

Walshy Fire: “I haven’t really thought of new things that I want, so there are some things that I want more, and some new things that I do want.”

Now, if you’re anything like me, this is what February 1 resolutions look like.

Rachel McAdams (as Regina George): “I’m going to have cheese fries anyway.”

Maybe that’s why “Emily in Paris” star Kate Walsh and Filipino Leroy Beaulieu told Deco…

Kate Walsh: “Do you have any?”

Leroy-Beaulieu, Philippines: “No, I don’t do that. I never do. Sometimes I make goals like, ‘Okay, let’s achieve my goals for ’23’. No, just keep living and be happy.” it is good.”

Parisian way.

Kate Walsh: “I used to do things like meditation, which I did like, was it a hundred or a thousand things I was grateful for? It was kind of crazy. What a boring New Years it was. No, that was really cool, but it was awesome looking back and being like, ‘This year was amazing.’”

We also asked rapper Future about his future goals.

Future: “Continue to show love and give back.”

Wow, that’s great, but when it comes to “recruiting” star Noah Centineo…

Noah Centineo: “Honestly, I’m working on a couple of different projects that I’m really excited about.”

…the answer is even more mysterious.

Noah Centineo: “I can’t talk to them now, but I’ve never been passionate about things in my life.”

Noah fans, it sounds like you’re heading into an action-packed 2023.

As for Anna Kendrick…

Anna Kendrick: ‘I’m really overwhelmed with New Year’s resolutions’

…some action, any action, is welcome.

Anna Kendrick: “Going to concerts and public places and stuff, because after COVID it’s easy to feel like, ‘Okay, I’ve had another month at my house.’”

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