Grief counselor reaches out to people affected by shooting at Deerfield Beach Park

Deerfield Beach, Florida. (WSVN) – Counselors readily available to talk and help South Florida students cope High school football player shot dead. That victim is now fighting for his life.

These counselors are available on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday for anyone who needs to talk about this tragic event.

Grief counselors went door-to-door Friday morning checking to see if anyone needed to talk about Wednesday night’s shooting at Westside Park that seriously injured a high school football player.

“He said, ‘Coach, I’m ready for college,'” Deerfield Beach Bucks head coach Trahman Hall said.

For 16-year-old Rickey Ferguson, those plans are on hold.

“It was tough hearing what happened to him last night,” Hall said.

Ferguson was a standout football player at Deerfield Beach High School after he was shot, coaches and friends said.

He was rushed to hospital and is in a critical condition.

One person has been taken into police custody, but it is unclear if anyone has been arrested.

As for Ferguson, his friends say his focus has always been football.

“He’s done nothing wrong. He just finished playing football, go home. This guy has done nothing wrong,” said the teen’s friend, Nick Williams.

“Ricky loves being in the game, loves being in the locker room, loves being with his teammates,” Hall said. “He’s funny, I mean, charming. He’s just a really likable young man.”

The Broward Sheriff’s Office told 7News that the shooting remains under investigation.

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