Heat’s Gabe Vincent takes time out of pain to make plans, now to pay off

MIAMI – The pain is real, constant, and excruciating.

The mental aspect reflects that pain.

Gabe Vincent has been hurt a lot as he missed eight straight games with right knee tendinitis, and the four-year Miami Heat point guard said the hardest part of his absence was watching the team play the Contest his place with no players available.

Vincent, who was cleared to return, said he hopes to make up for lost time as the Heat look to regain a spot in the standings.

“It’s hard not to be there,” Vincent said as the Heat resumed their post-Christmas schedule Monday night against the visiting Minnesota Timberwolves. “But it’s hard to see things that you can help and can’t. I think that applies to all areas of life, when you feel like you can help a situation and you can’t. It’s hard.”

To complicate matters, starting point guard Kyle Lowry missed four games while Vincent was out, third-tier point guard Drew Smith was released from his two-way contract in favor of a deep center, and Victoria Crooked Oladipo is just starting his return from a sore preseason knee.

“It’s weird. Honestly, it’s weird,” Vincent admitted. “Even if you go back to the end of last season, when Kyle wasn’t there and I played a lot of games, we kind of got out of control early in the season. Then we all went out. When you look at our injury list, it’s just overall It is worrying.”

For Vincent, the decision was made with the team’s medical staff, extending the break to try and put knee pain in the rearview mirror, after he had twice come back from the Returning from the same knee problem, he missed even more time as a result.

“It’s hard to stay mentally focused on everything that’s going on, to focus on yourself and stay healthy,” he said.

So Vincent accepts the lost time as a way to gain steady income now.

“Because that’s the best way you can help your team at that point,” he said. “But you have to keep the big picture in mind. Like I mentioned before, it’s hard to play one game, sit two or three. It’s not helping the team in the best way. It’s not helping yourself in the best way.

“So you try to keep that in mind and fight against your better nature of when to play and when to make sure you’re good for the long term. So time is needed. It’s needed. Then see how it goes Bar.”

At his best, Vincent is a two-way, playoff-caliber contributor, as he showed in last season’s playoffs, especially against the Atlanta Hawks in the first round. When Lei Yang.

Contributions may be limited at below his best, shooting .397 from three and .390 overall this season before he missed eight games.

Now, it’s not just about getting back to his old pace, but taking off again, having been behind on recent travel.

“The flight gave me some problems,” he said, as the Heat depart for Denver on Thursday to start five games in the West. “So in theory they shouldn’t be an issue. But I thought, let’s remove that factor completely. And I think it’s good for me and my health and my return, just making sure I’m ready and ready Nice to come back.”

So lost time, now there is an opportunity to make up for lost time.

“I think everybody in the NBA is going through something,” he said. “I think as a young player, on the offer, the unquote, the rookie contact, you’re going to be on the field as much as you can and take every opportunity. But I think it’s gotten to the point where I can’t be fully myself , I couldn’t do what the team wanted from me. So we got together and made what we thought was the best decision.”