Here are Mike Bianchi’s 10 most read stories in 2022 | Comments

Mike Bianchi has it all covered in 2022.

From the University of Central Florida Cavaliers to the University of Florida Gators and Bill Napier, Bianchi kept Orlando Sentinel readers informed.

Here are the Orlando Sentinel’s 10 most popular sports stories of 2022:

Dear MLB Owner and Commissioner Rob Manfred:

Just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you to the beautiful city of Orlando, internationally known.

I know you’re here this week for your annual owners meeting and I hope you can achieve a lot, including resolving an ugly labor dispute with the players’ association that threatens spring training and Opening Day. As far as you, me and the bees are concerned, I think the Players Association has become too powerful and too demanding. Remember that song Bob Dylan used to sing about the unionization of corporate America: “Certainly a good idea, until greed got in the way.”

Don’t worry, Crocodile Nation.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

to the typewriter…

UCF football coach Gus Malzahn, as you might expect, I told him on Wednesday that the Auburn Tigers are going to be much better off right now, and he would be on his way if they didn’t make the stupid decision to fire him after the 2020 season.

Did anyone forget to set the snooze alarm for the No. 20 UCF Cavaliers on Saturday morning?

How else do you explain their inexplicable, unforgivable sleepwalking through a rare 11am kick-off That led to a crushing 17-14 loss for Navy — a defeat that could be one of the costliest in UCF history.

He is that.

He has to be that guy.

He absolutely positively must be that.

if Billy Napier Not the coach who can fix the Florida Gators football program, then I’m not sure it can be fixed.

to the typewriter…

if you ask me, LeBron James He lost a lot of credibility earlier this week when he publicly criticized America’s handling of the WNBA All-Star Game The Britney Greener Case In a teaser for an upcoming episode of his TV show, Stores: Uninterrupted.

Michigan basketball coach Juwan Howard was supposed to shake hands after he slapped an opposing coach in the face, sparking necessary questions and debate on social media over the past few days.

Should Howard be fired or will a five-game suspension be enough?

to the typewriter…

New Florida Gators coach Billy Napier has basically been given a blank check to hire as many staffers as possible to compete with Georgia, Alabama and the rest of college football’s big boy programs. It’s a secret.

Not only did I join the ranks of Paolo Banchero.

I’m driving old fashioned gum!

Terry Mohajir doesn’t seem one bit worried about recent Upheaval in college football And what that means for his athletic program as it prepares to head into a new conference.