Hong Kong cancels vaccine pass, tests travelers for COVID-19

Hongkong – Hong Kong will lift some COVID-19 restrictions, including PCR testing for incoming travelers and vaccination requirements to enter certain establishments, the city’s leader said Wednesday.

For most pandemics, Hong Kong has aligned itself with China’s ‘Zero COVID’ strategyrequiring strict COVID-19 testing and quarantine for close contacts of infected cases as well as incoming travelers.

But the mainland has Measures have been eased in recent weeksHong Kong is preparing for the reopening of its border with China in January, after China imposed severe restrictions and a rapid lockdown to stamp out the virus.

“Our entire society has built up a broad and high level of immunity (against COVID-19),” Hong Kong’s chief executive, Lee Kar-chau, told a news conference. More than 80 percent of the city has received at least three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Close contacts of people who have tested positive for COVID-19 will also no longer need to be quarantined in Hong Kong, and restaurants will no longer have limits on the number of people per table, he said. The easing will come into effect on Thursday.

However, masks are still required to be worn in public unless residents are exercising, as removing them could lead to a spike in respiratory illnesses such as flu, just as Hong Kong faces a surge in seasonal flu cases, said Health Minister Law Chung-Mao at a news conference .

In September, Hong Kong canceled Quarantine Requirements for Inbound Passengers It is trying to boost tourism after more than two years of entry restrictions.

Beginning January 8, China no longer needs Authorities said earlier this week that incoming travelers would be quarantined.

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