How do you craft a news story?Here’s the step-by-step process for Scripps News

TV news viewers may be used to seeing scripps news Reporters live to share stories.

But before they hit the screen, there is a long and thorough process to uphold our company standards and ensure that reports are fair, accurate and truthful.

by that time politicsafter following up on tips from sources, a piece of key legislation or from One of our 70 stations or bureaus all over the country.

It’s a similar process at the White House, with Scripps reporters and producers working hand in hand with our teams across the country to get to the bottom of it.

Political Director, Scripps News Andrew Rafferty Stay in touch with our political team 24/7, always talking ideas through audiences telling us what they care about.

These ideas are brought to our company-wide editorial meetings, which include daily morning and afternoon meetings. Every available Scripps News employee is taking these calls.

The whole team discusses ideas, crafts them to make sure they relate to the lives of the viewers, and always strives to find truth fairly.

Every Show on Scripps News There’s a full editorial team behind it who work together to bring ideas to life while considering every aspect that the audience will see and hear.

Working on a program called iNews, made the show. It exists in things like video, graphics, on-screen text, and anchor scripts.

Reporters then check what they have to say with a team of Scripps News editors, who check for accuracy and fairness.

Then the last stop is the control room. Another team there brings the story to the screen.

This is where the road ends: the whole team is spread across the country, all making sure our reports are informative you can trust.

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