How Johnson & Johnson Avoided Paying Cancer Patients Like Me | Viewpoint

I was so angry I wanted to scream. But I can’t – I don’t have the strength. I have stage 4 ovarian cancer. I’ve had nine rounds of chemotherapy. Fortunately, I am still alive. But no one battling ovarian cancer can forget violent vomiting and loss of function. Or the sudden loss of hormones caused by a forced hysterectomy. Hair loss, nosebleeds, night sweats and hot flashes required multiple bed linen changes during the night. There is also unspeakable pain.

The most painful memory after my diagnosis is thinking I died before I could help my son fill out his college application. And make sure he brings fresh sheets and clean underwear to the dorm. A mom will always be a mom, even when she is dying.

For my loyalty and trust, Johnson & Johnson gave me ovarian cancer, their iconic baby powder They’ve known since the early 1970s Contains the carcinogen asbestos.The company has found negligence exist multiple civil trialseven though it denies wrongdoing.

Linda Kaner is an attorney living in Weston.

Today, I still have cancer. I was sick every day; many times I couldn’t get out of bed. For obvious reasons, I’m terrified of going too far from home, especially the bathroom. The life support pills I take every day cause uncontrollable vomiting. Sometimes, I get so shaken, I pass out. I used to walk three miles a day. Now, I rarely have the energy to visit my sons, one at law school in New York and one at college in Maryland.

I originally thought the hardest part of the disease was the diagnosis. It was even worse to learn that Johnson & Johnson knew they were selling me a death sentence. And now, Johnson & Johnson is re-victimizing the women they poisoned by manipulating bankruptcy laws to avoid liability for their deliberate attacks on our bodies.

Bankruptcy is designed to give companies and individuals time to restructure their finances without claims from creditors.But Johnson & Johnson use texas law A new company is created, and the product that causes the harm is put into it; that company, which has no real assets, then declares bankruptcy. It is called”texas two stepwhich protects the highly profitable Johnson & Johnson from legal claims by creditors — in which case thousands of women and men have been poisoned by its products. Even Texas, which caused the loophole One of the law’s co-sponsors also said that was not the intention.

As a lawyer, I know that the purpose of bankruptcy law is not to allow a company with $92 billion in annual revenue to escape its legal, ethical and ethical obligations.

while the company stop using talc 2020 in North American offerings, but it continues to do so globally, saying only that it plans to stop next year. A responsible company pays for a public service campaign to alert consumers to any product that could cause bodily harm or even death to a customer.

First, I urge readers to go through their medicine cabinets and toss out any Johnson & Johnson products, especially baby powder or body washes that contain talc. Also, if poison is found at any store in our area, please ask that it be thrown out.

Second, it is important that we demand that our elected officials stop the manipulation of the bankruptcy laws and the assault on the right guaranteed by the Seventh Amendment to a jury trial in civil cases. Companies that come to escape the consequences of their poisonous customer decisions.

New regulations and laws are needed to prevent further manipulation of bankruptcy laws if we want to be protected from companies that put profits above our lives.

In the meantime, I had to keep taking these meds that were making me so sick. But every time I vomit after taking a life support drug, I feel grateful. I might also see my son’s graduation.

Linda Kaner is an attorney living in Weston.