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(WSVN) – When Help Me Howard airs, it’s not over yet. Patrick and Howard have been on hand to resolve your concerns and in many cases this is when the good news arrives. Home Insurance Cases, ATM Cases, Rent Increases on Help Me Howard tonight with Patrick Fraser.

When we meet Elena and Melvin, this hard working couple doesn’t have much money to furnish their apartment, but their home is filled with love for their children.

Elena: “It’s a miracle. That’s the aim and purpose of everything my husband and I do because we want them to be happy and healthy.”

With money tight, what happened when Elena went to the ATM to withdraw her $1,420 rent was even more damaging.

Elena: “My card restricts activities.”

Elena walked away. Little did she know that the ATM then withdrew $1,420, which police said the customer may have had.

Elena: “I’m crying, and I can’t stop crying.”

The bank says they don’t need to give Elena $1,420 since their ATM withdrawal.

Then Elena’s Help Me Howard story aired.

Elena: “It’s pretty cool because we’ve received over $3,500 from different people who didn’t know us.”

Viewers of Help Me Howard donated money to pay rent, and Elena says she ended up buying furniture with the rest.

Elena: “We bought a table and chairs and a bed for me and my husband.”

There is a big difference in the hearts of South Floridians.

Elena: “So I want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us. As I said, it’s unbelievable.”

Wesley could pay the rent, but the landlord didn’t want it.

Wesley Chau: “That would increase my monthly rent from $1,800 to $1,854, plus 3%.”

His lease says the rent will increase by $54 or CPI, which is $144, but the landlord wants an increase of $300.

Wesley: “You know, he’s ignoring his lease. I mean it’s ridiculous, right?”

After our story aired, Wesley followed Howard’s advice and fought his landlord in court, paying rent to the court registry while he waited for a judge to decide whether the landlord had to abide by what was on the lease.

Wesley: “And it’s also hopefully with the exposure, I can show other tenants in Miami that there’s an option. You don’t have to just put it down. You can really fight it.”

Elisa was battling an insurance nightmare when she called us.

Elisa: “Insurance went from $4,800 a year to $26,400 a year with no explanation or reason.”

Imagine you open your home insurance bill and it goes up fivefold.

She shopped around. A company wants $53,000.

Elisa fears she will have to sell her home.

Alisa: “What else can I do? Right now I don’t have insurance. My family doesn’t have insurance right now.”

After her story aired, responses showed that insurance quotes for many South Floridians had similarly skyrocketed, and several agencies that were helping reached out, including Alex Ray from John Galt insurance.

Elisa: “So, well, we finally got insurance.”

Alex was able to give Elisa better coverage at a much lower rate.

Patrick Fraser: “It was 26. How old is it now?”

Elisa: “It’s $7,200 now. I’m, I mean, I’m so happy. That’s God-sent. You’re a godsend.”

If Elisa replaces a door, she might even get a cheaper price. What’s more, she doesn’t have to sell her house.

Alyssa: “Of course. I always say I hope I never have to call Patrick Fraser about anything, but you go. I have it, you guys, I mean, I’m speechless thank you You guys. Thank you so much.”

The key to buying cheaper insurance for your home: Contact an insurance company that has a list of companies like Alex for Elisa.

Glad it worked for her.

Depositing your cash crunch? Want to pique someone’s interest? Contact us to make sure you bring home a solution.

Help me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser 7News.

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