Leonardo DiCaprio talks about deforestation in Venezuela

MIAMI.- american actor Leonardo Dicaprio spoke once again about the environmental damage suffered by the planet, and on this occasion he mentioned the deforestation What is there in Venezuela.

Through a message on Instagram, DiCaprio indicated that this is one of the biggest climate problems that exists today.

“Deforestation is one of the biggest climate problems, as huge numbers of precious trees are felled each year for human needs. Venezuela sees some of the highest deforestation in the world, with the loss of pristine forests estimated at 170%. Deforestation causes soil erosion, flooding, increased greenhouse gas emissions, fewer crops, and a host of other problems,” reads the text that the actor shared along with a photograph of the mining arc, located in the Bolivar state, southern Venezuela.

However, DiCaprio invited his followers to read an article from New Scientist magazine in which the problems experienced by the ecosystem in this Venezuelan region and the damage it causes in general to the environment are developed in depth.

Likewise, it details that the damage to the Amazon rainforest is accelerating in this Venezuelan region, more than in any other territory on the continent. And he adds that deforestation is due to the rise of gold mining.

“No one is seeing this destruction because it is happening so fast that it is impossible to measure it,” says the coordinator of the non-profit organization Clima21, Alejandro Álvarez Iragorry.

DiCaprio has openly expressed his commitment to the preservation of forests, as well as has made public his work and activism in favor of the environment.

Months ago, a tropical tree discovered in the Ebo forest in Cameroon was named after actor Leonardo DiCaprio by scientists at the British botanical garden at Kew.