Manatee found ‘snuggling’ in Florida Power & Light’s Manatee Lagoon during cold weather

RIVIERA BEACH, FL – Cool temperatures blowing in from South Florida chill the waters, bringing manatees in “Hug” to keep warm.

Florida Power & Light’s Manatee Lagoon has two “Manatee Camera” The public can see both above and below the water.

Sea cows are called sea cows because of their shape and green food.

When water temperatures are cooler in the winter, they can enjoy the clean, warm water that flows from FPL’s Clean Energy Center in Riviera Beach.

If you visit the observation deck in person, you can watch manatees pop their noses out of the water as they breathe.

When visiting Manatee Lagoon, FPL recommends wearing polarized sunglasses to better see through the glare of the water.

Manatees don’t have any natural predators, so they live in peace with sharks, crocodiles and other wildlife.

During this weekend’s cold snap, webcams spotted some sharks near manatees.