Miami firefighters injured after responding to house fire

MIAMI (WSVN) — Firefighters responded to a house fire northeast of Miami before events took a turn, injuring one person.

Crews arrived at an abandoned two-story home at SE Third Avenue and 55th Street just after 5 a.m. Monday, billowing with smoke and flames.

The City of Miami Fire Rescue searched the second-floor home and found that a floor had partially collapsed causing a firefighter to fall to the first floor.

All operations were halted until firefighters were evacuated, according to officials.

“Fortunately, his protective gear was in place which helped him fall and his other firefighters were with him and acted quickly and were able to initiate a distress call to get him and themselves out,” MFR Lt. Pete Sanchez said.

He was taken to Ryder Trauma in a stable condition. He was treated for minor burns to his face and arms.

The incident highlights the dangers these workers face on the job.

“He’s fine. He’s solid and looks like he’s going to get through it without any serious injuries,” Sanchez said.

At present, the firefighter has been discharged from the hospital.

Fire officials will investigate the cause of the fire.

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