Michigan police K-9 arrested for stealing colleague’s lunch

(WSVN) – The Wyandotte Police Department in Michigan is proving that even their adorable K-9s aren’t above the law.

A K-9 named Ice poses for his now-famous mugshot after being accused of stealing a colleague’s lunch.

Thousands of people have responded facebook postmany defended ICE, even offering pro bono services to represent the officer.

According to Officer Barwig, he was eating in the break room when he was called to assist a person at the prison, and when he returned he noticed Officer Ice “sauntering leisurely” out of the room and licking his lips.

Don’t worry, after an investigation, Ice was found not guilty.

“In fact, one of his local supporters, Lunch Wyandotte, sent Officer Ice a custom made sandwich today because they felt he wasn’t eating enough,” police said in a statement. facebook post“Side note, they threw a plate of Sammy at the officer too!”

A dull day, but we are happy to have #free ice.

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