Nonprofit Land of Hope, Inc. builds new homes for families in West Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Silvia Montenegro and her two young adopted sons, Dacarri and Javarri, will find a new home in West Palm Beach, embrace the new year.

It’s all thanks to local nonprofit Hope Land Corporation.

When Black Mountain first bought her house seven years ago, it was in dire need of repairs.

“I was able to raise nine children in that home, and that represented a lot, but I knew at some point it had to go away,” she said.

Fortunately, Place of Hope Inc. put her in touch with local contractor Robert Burrage, CEO and president of RWB Construction Management. But he found the 1930s house beyond repair.

“It was bad enough we were worried about putting her back here. It was about to fall off. We pulled the stucco back, we pulled the stucco back, and there weren’t any studs left,” Burrage said.

Burrage had no choice but to tear it down and rebuild.

“There’s no greater joy in the world than being able to give back,” Burrage said. “I don’t come from much, I work hard for what I have, and it’s more important to have the opportunity to be a part of it.”

Four months later, Montenegro got the keys to a brand new mortgage-free home.

“This is a new chapter, a new season for our family, and I’m really excited about what kind of doors this has opened for the three of us,” Montenegro said.