North Korea escalates tension with missile tests

Local News — North Korea escalates tension with missile tests
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North Korea escalates tension with missile tests

North Korea’s initiative suggests it is resorting to its old play of raising fears of war with provocative weapons tests.

SEOUL – North Korea fired a ballistic missile and hundreds of artillery shells into its eastern waters on Friday and sent warplanes near the tense border with South Korea, stoking animosity over its recent weapons tests.

It was the 15th launch of a North Korean missile since the hermetic nation resumed its tests on September 25. Pyongyang said on Monday that its latest tests were simulations of nuclear strikes against targets in the South and the United States in response to its “dangerous” military exercises, in which a US aircraft carrier is participating.

Shortly after the test, North Korea fired 130 artillery shells from its west coast and another 40 from its east, which landed in neutral sea zones agreed upon by the two nations in a 2018 inter-Korean deal to reduce tensions, the South Korean military said. .

On Friday afternoon, Seoul’s military said its northern neighbor fired 80 more shells off its eastern coast. In addition, he pointed out that he detected signs of about 200 more on the other coast of the peninsula, based on the noise and splashes they caused. On both sides, the North Korean projectiles would have fallen in the neutral zones, according to the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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