Obilum Art, the new platform that sells NFTs

MADRID.- technology company blockchain ioBuilders announced the launch of Obilum Art, the first platform Spanish of art digital (Artech) curated, which was born with the aim of amplifying the reach of artists through the commercialization of sustainable and environmentally friendly NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

This new digital art channel, a pioneer in Spain, partners with artists, galleries and institutions to offer digital art verified and verified by experts.

According to its forecasts, Obilum Art intends to sell NFTs of proven artists for a value of five million euros in the next three years and reach an estimated turnover of 1.25 million euros. In addition, it contemplates allocating an investment of 750,000 euros to technological developments in 2023, combining experts in art, technology, finance and law.

The platform is supported by the technology company ioBuilders, a global company specializing in the development of technology-based solutions. blockchain for financial institutions and corporations. It is specialized in solutions tokenization of digital assets such as bonds, funds, shares, syndicated loans or NFTs.

“Our objective is to provide the necessary resources so that artists and collectors can approach digital art and the infinite possibilities that it contains in a safe, transparent and intuitive way for all audiences. And also, to respond to those artists and brands with an ecological conscience who want to immerse themselves in the world of NFTs, but without leaving a negative mark on our planet”, explained Carmen Ballesta, founder of Obilum Art.

FOUNTAIN: Europe Press