Panama restores the transit visa for Cubans

CITY OF PANAMA.- The Government of Panama restored the visa of transit for the cubans that, as passengers or crew, travel through its territory, as reported by the Consulate of that country in Havana.

The official statement mentioned Executive Decree No.162 of the Ministry of Public Security of Panama, which will be in force for three months after its promulgation, on December 19, according to a review. Cuban newspaper.

Cuban citizens who travel to the island, hold a valid Panamanian tourist or residence visa, or reside in the United States, the European Union, Canada, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Japan, Australia, or Korea are exempt from presenting said visa. from the south.

Nor should those Cubans who have five years of residence in third countries and travel back to these countries apply for a transit visa to travel to Panama.

Finally, those nationals of the Island who have a valid entry visa in the country of final destination are excepted.

These transit visas must be requested in person at the Panamanian consulates, at least 30 business days before the date of travel. In addition, they only allow a stay of up to 24 hours in the international transit areas of Panamanian airports.

The Panama transit visa costs 50 balboas (50 dollars). To obtain it, those interested must submit an application form, two passport-size photographs, a copy of the passport with a minimum validity of six months, travel reservation, an identity document from the country of residence with a minimum validity of six months, and proof of payment. of consular rights.

Transit visas for Cuban minors must be requested by their parents or legal guardians.

In recent years, Panama has become a frequent destination for Cubans. The island’s nationals usually travel to the country to buy supplies and resell them in Cuba, or to start the migratory route to the United States.

Last March, hundreds of Cubans crowded outside the Panamanian Embassy in Havana as a result of the first imposition of this transit visa.

FOUNTAIN: With information from Diario de Cuba