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*Fifteen million barrels of oil from strategic reserves have been released this week and sent back to the market to try to lower gasoline prices before the mid-term elections. It is shameful that something as important as reserves are put at stake to “deceive” the people about the cost of gasoline. And, of course, after November prices will rise again without anyone being able to control it. Mr. Magoo every day creating more problems in the country!

*Someone was telling me that they didn’t like a Republican candidate on the ballot and that they were going to leave that position blank. Fatal mistake! Whoever does not vote is indirectly giving the opposite vote. We are living in very difficult times and we need to unite to obtain a majority in the House and Senate that puts a stop to the “collective madness” of this administration. We’ll have cold and flu for two more years, but we can give them Tylenol, Advil and antibiotics if we control Congress. “Pinch your nose and vote all Republican.” Personally, I am very happy with all the candidates of my Party. I think we have the best candidates for a long time.

*The elections for Governor of New York are creating surprises in the State. Lee Zeldin, the Republican congressman who left his secure House seat behind to try to curb corruption and crime, is closing in on Kathy Hochul, the current governor who is turning out much worse than Cuomo. Although it is not easy, there may be a surprise in the Big Apple!

* Former Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, stated that China will not stop until it takes Taiwan by force and continues its expansion to other Asian countries. The Taiwanese are prepared and will not submit without putting up a strong fight. As we have seen with Russia, it is the weakness of Biden and his team that drives the enemies of democracy to invade other countries in their desire to control the world.

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