Respect Our Community, Don’t Litter | Letter to the Editor

When I go for walks around Coral Springs, I often pick up litter.

Sometimes it falls next to the trash can. Averages two full grocery bags per hour. I found plastic bottles, candy wrappers, fast food wrappers, potato chip bags, face masks, vaping cartridges and cups. Worst near schools, parks, playgrounds and canals.

Parents and teachers, let your kids know: A plastic water bottle thrown in the weeds can last 500 years. Set an example by not throwing trash out the car window while waiting for the kids.

Park bench sitters, take your trash away. Scientists are working on biodegradable packaging. Restaurant, use less plastic and Styrofoam. City commissioners put up signs about Florida’s littering law, which calls for $100 fines and the possibility of installing cameras in areas with the worst littering, and then actually fines someone.

Police, when was the last time you called anyone? Owners, you are responsible for keeping your area clean, including swales. Gardener, when you prune this stuff, you’re just breaking it up into smaller pieces. pick it up.

Barbara Quinn, Coral Springs

Father Frank Pavone, head of the Organization of Priests for Life, has been removed from the priesthood by the Vatican in Rome. This situation shows what is wrong with the Roman Catholic Church today.

An anti-abortion priest whose worst offense was praying at an abortion clinic and supporting the rights of people with disabilities like the late Terry Schiavo has been removed from office. But the priests who harassed altar boys and seminarians, and the bishops who covered up these crimes, continued their active ministry.

This irony is another reason why faithful Catholics are skeptical of the Church.

Linda and James Hartland, fort lauderdale

Editor’s Note: A Vatican statement said Father Pavone was guilty of “blasphemous remarks on social media and persistent disobedience to the lawful instructions of the bishop of his diocese.” No further details were provided, the news report said.

The Sun Sentinel’s Dec. 25 front-page article noted that Florida is now the fastest-growing state in the league. That must be bad news for Democrats and the left-leaning Sun-Sentinel.

No one is going to listen to all the negative opinions and distorted positions that the newspapers have about this great country. Should lefties leave Florida as soon as possible and move to greener pastures?

Aaron Cohen, delray beach

The letter writer, David Kahn, wanted to give NPA voters (non-partisan affiliation) a voice in candidate selection, which made me laugh. As they say in the old country, Fuhged da boudit. No parties, no options. I don’t want you to have an opinion on our candidate if you can’t commit to my party.

Mr. Kahn, instead of trying to increase your party’s total votes through some underhanded means, why not suggest that the Democrats perhaps change their philosophy or destructive policies? In your letter, you said, “The Democratic platform is attractive to most Floridians.” Opinion editor Steve Bousquet’s keen eye would never have seen the absurdity comment of.

Where are most people, in your apartment? Your poker game? Your gubernatorial candidate, Charlie Crist, lost by nearly 20 points. Sounds like most Floridians love your drag queen, CRT, open border platform? never. Luckily for our state, most voters in Florida don’t buy what your party is selling because, nationally, Democrats have taken our state from penthouses to It became an outhouse.I wonder what those NPAs think about President Rowan’s ideas DeSantis.

Neil Blustein, Boca Raton