Selkirk Sponsors Delray Pickleball Star James Ignatowich

Pickleball equipment brand Selkirk Sport has added four players to its lineup of professional pickleball players.

Delray Beach’s James Ignatowich is a standout player transitioning from tennis to pickleball, and Dylan Frazier (Ashland, Missouri) and Parris Todd (Fort Myers) will join Travis Rettenmaier (Tampa) in the singles front 10. All four are in upstart MLB for the 2022 season.

selkirk movementa family-owned company based in Hayden, Idaho, is committed to advancing the sport through product innovation, market leadership, philanthropic events, Selkirk TV and professional tour sponsorships, while continuing to elevate the company’s brand ambassadors.

A newcomer to Pickleball after a successful junior and NCAA Division I tennis career at Vanderbilt University, Ignatowich competes in the Major League Pickleball Team Ranchers.

Whether competing professionally and/or coaching, all Team Selkirk athletes will be equipped with one of Selkirk’s high performance racquets and will wear Selkirk Sport apparel.

They include Tyson McGuffin, one of the world’s top professional pickleball players in both singles and doubles; Morgan Evans, the coach of the world’s top pickleball players; Cammy MacGregor, one of the top senior players and a top 75 female professional tennis player; Wes Gabrielsen, 11-time national champion; Joanne Russell, 1977 Wimbledon doubles champion; and Sherri Steinhauer: former LPGA major champion and four-time U.S. Solheim Cup winner, among others.