Southwest Airlines passenger says airline is ‘very sorry’ days after cancellation

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Southwest Airlines passengers appeared to be nearing normal levels at Palm Beach International Airport on Thursday.

That’s after the struggling airline said Expected to resume normal operations Friday after canceling about two-thirds of scheduled flights in recent days.

Bob and Marita Willis arrived in West Palm Beach on a Southwest flight from Atlanta.

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“They are very sorry for what happened to them in the past few days,” Marita Willis said.

Bob and Marita Willis arrive in West Palm Beach on a Southwest flight from Atlanta on December 29, 2022


Bob and Marita Willis discuss what it’s like to fly on Southwest Airlines Thursday amid thousands of canceled flights over the past few days.

The past few days have been described as a collapse for Southwest Airlines, which faced thousands of cancellations when a holiday winter storm nearly shut down the airline’s scheduling system.

On Thursday, airline passengers at PBIA gave their views on what happened.

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“I feel like it should be fixed by now, but I feel like it keeps happening and it should be better now, like ‘putting it together’,” said traveler Allie Enax. “I drive them all the time. I probably still will .”

Traveler Allie Enax offers her thoughts on Southwest Airlines' troubles this week.


Traveler Allie Enax offers her thoughts on Southwest Airlines’ troubles this week.

“I’d definitely fly Southwest again,” Bob Willis said. “I know they need to figure out their own problems.”

Meanwhile, the airline is apologizing, Refunds and Compensation Thousands of travelers whose vacations were affected by the disaster.