Suspicious incidents sow mystery at Texas zoo

In recent days, the largest zoo of the state of Texasin the south of the United States, has been the scene of suspicious incidents, the last of which is the death of a much-loved vulture that is being investigated by the police

“Everything is under suspicion right now: internal, external … we are looking at all options,” Dallas Zoo president Gregg Hudson told reporters Monday.

The endangered 35-year-old vulture, named Pin, was found dead over the weekend. “Death does not appear to be due to natural causes,” according to the zoo.

“Losing him is devastating not only to our zoo family, but to conservation efforts for this species,” the zoo said on Twitter Tuesday.

The zoo offered a $10,000 reward for any information that would help the investigation.

Meanwhile, on January 13, a clouded leopard, Nova, escaped from her enclosure after a section of the fence was cut down.

Nova was later found safe on the zoo grounds, but staff discovered that the langur monkey enclosure had also been breached.

The matter was considered serious enough for federal agents to join the investigation, considering that it is an endangered species.