The tragedy will not be broadcast

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The tragedy will not be broadcast

Las Tejerías in the state of Aragua, which is home to just over 50,000 inhabitants, has been devastated by a landslide. Within this tragedy, Maduro’s offer for the victims increases the nightmare

Maduro’s promise resulted in an omen as devastating as the tragedy itself: “for each affected area I appointed a general to be in charge of protecting the people.” The incorporation of members of the Armed Forces to assistance and protection tasks could be good news in another country. Not in Venezuela.

The complaint was made public with difficulty. From the first moments of the tragedy, members of the regional government and the military hierarchy began to prohibit access to social communicators to the area. Tenacious reporters have had to face, in addition to the natural difficulties of the field, the official aggression that shamelessly announced the decision to prevent reporting work.

“Don’t get in the way,” said General Remigio Ceballos, Minister of the Interior and Justice, with disdain, who declared that there can only be one version of events and that this is the one that is broadcast in state media. Others are forbidden to talk about it, except to repeat the manipulated story loaded with lies that hides reality and twists the facts.

To impose its narrative, the regime has activated the powerful communication machinery that operates in two ways: to silence what is not convenient and to manipulate data that gives credibility to the official discourse. There are plenty of examples that in a few hours ratify a tyranny that no longer hides censorship and that orders its troops to prevent journalists from fulfilling their duty under penalty of losing their freedom and having their material and work equipment destroyed.

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