They confirm the capture of the alleged murderer of Colombian DJ

MIAMI.- John Nelson Poulos, boyfriend of the Colombian DJ Valentina Trespalacios and the main suspect in her murder, was arrested on the night of January 24 at Panama’s international airport when he was about to board a flight to Turkey. The capture was carried out by Immigration agents and Interpol.

The 35-year-old man, and an American national, was requested by the Colombian authorities for the murder of the famous DJ, whose body was found in a garbage container by a recycler in Bogotá, Colombia.

“The Migration authorities managed to apprehend him at the Tocumen international airport after intelligence information was handled that he had entered our country and that his destination was Istanbul,” reported Rolando Alonso, Police Commissioner.

Alonso added that since the discovery, the Colombian authorities had alerted the Panama Police about the search for the American.

“What would correspond is that Migration deports him and returns him to the country of origin or that the Colombian judicial authorities request his delivery to Panama,” explained the commissioner.

However, it was learned that members of the Colombian Police will travel to the neighboring country to arrest Poulos.

Death of Valentina Trespalacios

According to versions of the relatives, the young woman had gone out on Saturday partying with John Nelson Poulos, with whom she had become engaged after more than a year of relationship. Poulos had arrived in Bogotá a week before.

”She had been in the DJ career for about four years. She had done very well, she had a very promising future, so much so that she hung out all over the country, in the best nightclubs. She also went to many parts of South America: Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, ”said Carlos Trespalacios in an interview with Blu radio.

Official reports indicate that on Sunday, January 22, a recycler found Trespalacios inside a suitcase in a lifeless garbage container. The event occurred in the Los Cámbulos neighborhood of the town of Fontibón, Bogotá.

According to Legal Medicine of Colombia, the cause of death was mechanical asphyxia. The authorities reported that the body had five pressure grooves on the chest and various bruises.

FONT: Writing with information from AFP