Tick ​​it! @home sales call

we are ticked We get many calls asking if we want to sell our house. If we want to sell our house, the decision won’t be based on a sudden phone call. Additionally, we know that these callers represent companies that want to buy single-family homes and turn them into rental properties, which limits the number of homes available to people who want to own their own homes. The last thing we want is to fuel the greed of growing businesses at the expense of hardworking people who hope to someday own their own homes.

I’m ticked The Lynx don’t bother to empty the few bins they keep at the bus stop. There is a pile of trash next to the dumpster on Pine Hills Road, and there is a lot of trash on the corner of Silver Star Road and Orange Blossom Trail with no dumpsters available. I tried calling and was told I was next in line and I waited over 10 minutes with no answer. We don’t need Lynx to destroy our community. They should provide adequate trash cans at all sites and empty them regularly.

I am five years old The granddaughter was ticked off when only one child expressed her gratitude for the free stencil face painting she did at a public holiday event (only when prompted by a parent). Adults are doing complex designs. I’m glad she now realizes how important it is to thank you. and the value of volunteering.

Check “Unsubscribe” Add boxes on unwanted emails and all they’re doing is selling your contact information to another nasty marketer who knows you’re a live email recipient. Why, after logging in, do they tell you so often that your username and password don’t match what they have on record, when you really need information on some website that “stores” your information?

I already Worked on the VA system for over 20 years and has been cared for with great care and great respect.