Welcome in the New Year at Park by the Bay with special guest Willy Chirino

In Miami, we welcome the New Year in a different way. Yes, we had no snow to shovel and no big puffy jackets. Instead, we had parties by the water with lots of music playing. The destination is Bay Park.

As the New Year approaches, great music and fireworks go hand in hand.

Bayfront Park is up to the challenge.

Tony Albelo: “Great party for NYE in Miami, but when you see the biggest, best, and of course it’s free, it’s a great place to come with the family, if there’s anything you want place, really on the bay for the whole outdoor Miami experience, and the only place worth going is Bayfront New Years Eve.”

Entertainment will not disappoint.

Tony Albelo: “We have amazing A-list artists this year, multiple Grammy winners like Willy Chirino.”

Willie is no stranger to the Bayfront stage.

He’s done it many times before, but never enough.

Willy Chirino: “I’m so excited to be performing at the New Year’s Eve Bash.”

He has a list of songs he has to sing.

Willy Chirino: “There’s a song called ‘Soy Guajiro’ and I can’t play it anywhere because it’s a classic in my music. There’s another song called ‘Medias Negras’ and people don’t allow me to sing it.”

Miami’s vibrancy and world artists are what make Bayfront such a great place to be.

Tony Albelo: “As a special guest we have Nomcebo. She’s an artist from South Africa who had a huge hit last year with a song called Jerusalema that sparked a dance craze and nearly a billion views on Youtube.”

Dance isn’t the only thing that moves your body.

Booming fireworks and big oranges are part of the experience.

Tony Albelo: “Most of the time when you see fireworks, you’re a little bit far away. At Bayside Park, they’re on a barge 100 yards away. You feel it, you see it, you smell it, every time Explosion, all true. If you’ve never been to Bayfront Park for New Years Eve, I invite you to. I figured if Big Orange could talk, he’d say the same.”

There’s nothing like making a big splash in 2023.

Willy Chirino: “It’s great to be a part of. And to be able to say goodbye to 2022 in Miami, the best city in the world”

The party starts at 6pm, but come early.

Carpooling or public transportation is recommended.

Brightline will remain open until 1am

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